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Mt Washington 12x30 3-1
Mt Washington Valley (15:6)
LSL 7663-68,h224,d44,cs1,vertical backlit wood panoramic
LSL 8130,31,32,panoramic,winter woods
LSL13165,shade,h8,240,d8,cs2,chrom-24,-24,sparrows 3-1,potd
LSL 1663 and 66---Reflection of State House panoramic
LSL31922-943,Spring House ruins at NH Hospital (pe10 straight panorama, final ed.) 15-6
Mt Washington 12x30 3-1
LSL11750-11753,h248,d18,cs1,vertical path flat panorama
LSL19318-24,cldy,h4,d18,cs4,pe10,Hemlock Loop pasture flat panorama 3-1