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LSL18990-995,dlight,h222,d35,cs5,Winant spillway2 3-2,potd
Winant spillway_18990-995 (50mm) (3:2)

From approx 20 feet away, this (6) image composite
was a (handheld) test to see if the panoramic software
would stack/blend verticle and horizontal 'blocks' (think Tic-Tac-Toe board) together.
Apparently it can! ~LSL
LSL16264-269,h245,d18,cs5,autumn river rapids panoramic 15-5.75
LSL19589-592,pe contrast,winter beaver pond 15-9
LSL16253-257,autumn river bank panoramic 15-7
LSL18990-995,dlight,h222,d35,cs5,Winant spillway2 3-2,potd
LSL19170-71,h240,d8,pond's edge 15-8
LSL19409-10-11,h245,d18,cs4,woods along edge of field 3-1
LSL15369,371 snowstorm driving 15-7
LSL15372-373,16 South snowstorm by park