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LSL12374-76,marsh border panorama 3-2
marsh backdrop_12374-76

It struck me that the background of a common marsh often gets forgotten, as you sit and wait
for the action/inspiration to wash over the marsh itself. Like a good supporting character actor,
the backdrop frames the marsh, and makes it stand out that much more. ~LSL
LSL19395-86,h250,d8,cs4,Ransmeier Brook
LSL18373-76,cldy,h222,d44,scH,cs5,summer sunset at Horseshoe 15-5.75
15x6 IMGP1918,1920,Horseshoe Pond from the corn field cr
LSL12374-76,marsh border panorama 3-2
LSL14037,38,39,sunset at Phippsburg perspective panoramic frcr
15x8 IMGP6322,23 October Sky 8x15 [Rr-.5]-2 cr
LSL14883,84,85,flash,h245,d33,cs5,sunset 3-1
LSL 0495,0498,Newagen dock at sunrise pe,8x15