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IMGP6317,r.7-18,dlight,d33,cs4,hedge 11x30
Greenlands, Concord, NH_6317-18 (15:5.5)
LSL 0495,0498,Newagen dock at sunrise pe,8x15
LSL16925-26-28,h18,245,d18,cs4,Skyline Mts panoramic 9x30
LSL12443-44-45,green fill transition to winter panoramic
IMGP6317,r.7-18,dlight,d33,cs4,hedge 11x30
LSL15935,36,37,38,dlight,h245,d33,scL,cs4,mid-autumn along the river flat 15x3.75
Mountain Tops 13 thru 20 from Welch Mountain,pe10
LSL 1414,15,16 Shaker Pond 5x15
LSL14955-56,cldy,h8,245,d44,cs4,r-1.7,cornfield fog 3-1