Larry Levinson Photography
...when one frame just isn't enough
LSL16326-331,golden woods 15-6.5
ooc sunset over corn field,straight,with fill 21479-485 frcr
3x1 LSL30812-813,814-815,816-817 final 3x1 50p
LSL22430-432,h18,245,d8,cs5,marsh 3-1
LSL22471-477,pe,2xfill,clone,h22,d26,cs5,cloud bank
LSL28836-838,pe10-perspective,base3,storage structure,State Hospital,panorama 15-6
LSL21001-005,FS-RAW,Beaver Pond, East Concord 15-8 potd
LSL22330-336,pe25,Swope Overlook panoramic
LSL15706-708,pe10,autumn woods 3-1
LSL16264-269,h245,d18,cs5,autumn river rapids panoramic 15-5.75
LSL19589-592,pe contrast,winter beaver pond 15-9
LSL16253-257,autumn river bank panoramic 15-7
LSL18990-995,dlight,h222,d35,cs5,Winant spillway2 3-2,potd
LSL19170-71,h240,d8,pond's edge 15-8
LSL19409-10-11,h245,d18,cs4,woods along edge of field 3-1
LSL15369,371 snowstorm driving 15-7
LSL15372-373,16 South snowstorm by park
LSL15657-659,pe10,forest floor ferns 3-1
LSL19337-41-bridge pan 4-1
LSL19400-03,perspective,dlight,r2.0,h240,d18,cs5,Ransmeier Woods-Derek's Brook 15-8
LSL13847-848,cldy,h8,240,d33,cs5,yellow in mist 15-7
views from the towerFolder
views from the tower
LSL19392-94,h245,d18,cs4,r.6,knoll view 14-11
LSL18066-67,h250,cs4,,Erica's,Basin Point, Harpswell, ME 7x15
LSL19395-86,h250,d8,cs4,Ransmeier Brook
LSL18373-76,cldy,h222,d44,scH,cs5,summer sunset at Horseshoe 15-5.75
15x6 IMGP1918,1920,Horseshoe Pond from the corn field cr
LSL12374-76,marsh border panorama 3-2
LSL14037,38,39,sunset at Phippsburg perspective panoramic frcr
15x8 IMGP6322,23 October Sky 8x15 [Rr-.5]-2 cr
LSL14883,84,85,flash,h245,d33,cs5,sunset 3-1
LSL 0495,0498,Newagen dock at sunrise pe,8x15
LSL16925-26-28,h18,245,d18,cs4,Skyline Mts panoramic 9x30
LSL12443-44-45,green fill transition to winter panoramic
IMGP6317,r.7-18,dlight,d33,cs4,hedge 11x30
the making of a panoramic 1Folder
the making of a panoramic 1
the making of a panoramic 2Folder
the making of a panoramic 2
the making of a panoramic 3Folder
the making of a panoramic 3
the making of a panoramic 4Folder
the making of a panoramic 4
the making of a panoramic 5Folder
the making of a panoramic 5
LSL15935,36,37,38,dlight,h245,d33,scL,cs4,mid-autumn along the river flat 15x3.75
Mountain Tops 13 thru 20 from Welch Mountain,pe10
LSL 1414,15,16 Shaker Pond 5x15
LSL14955-56,cldy,h8,245,d44,cs4,r-1.7,cornfield fog 3-1
LSL 7663-68,h224,d44,cs1,vertical backlit wood panoramic
LSL 8130,31,32,panoramic,winter woods
LSL13165,shade,h8,240,d8,cs2,chrom-24,-24,sparrows 3-1,potd
LSL 1663 and 66---Reflection of State House panoramic
LSL31922-943,Spring House ruins at NH Hospital (pe10 straight panorama, final ed.) 15-6
Mt Washington 12x30 3-1
LSL11750-11753,h248,d18,cs1,vertical path flat panorama
LSL19318-24,cldy,h4,d18,cs4,pe10,Hemlock Loop pasture flat panorama 3-1