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LSL14588,h8,240.d44.cs5,Turkey River Rorschach,potd
River buzz_14588

On a warm summer evening, water bugs are doing their best at dodging diving dragonflies.
The sudden hatching action created a fascinating 3D drama,
on an otherwise calm stretch of the meandering Turkey River. ~LSL
LSL 5660,h8,d18,stand in woods
LSL 6584,h250,cs1,d8,DOF6.3,summer at Elm Brook 8x15--
LSL12441,cldy,h18,222,d8,cs4,autumn through ice potd
LSL14588,h8,240.d44.cs5,Turkey River Rorschach,potd
LSL16886,h250,d18,cs4,peSatblues,VA-barn,3-2 potd
LSL15111,cldy,d18,scM,cs5,,marsh view,potd
LSL14142,in camera RAW,marsh tidal grasses