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LSL11819,Gizmo the cat on fence 3-2

Every so often, the combination of lens, exposure, light, and subject
creates 'a look', that feels more paint-like than photo.
In this album, Bandit the cat is a favorite example. ~LSL
LSL11819,Gizmo the cat on fence 3-2
LSL21064,in camera,sunset at bend
LSL22233,d18,scH,cs5,West End Trail,potd
10x15 IMGP6211-gp2184,968,h2,230,rocr2 Farmhouse wField
--IMGP1617,gp664,1472,se6,h240,co1,sh1,snow falling
LSL 1381--leaf reflections
LSL 1203,late summer in White Park