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LSL11497,dlight,h192,d33,scM,cs11,field of asters
field of asters and goldenrod_11497. For the full 12-image panoramic, copy/paste making of a panoramic 4/slides/1-LSL11491-11502_panoramic field of asters at White Park_blended%2Coriginal_80p.html
LSL19819,suspended red button 1-1
6x8 IMGP0285,h18,224,cosh1,round flower cr
LSL11038,Hiram flowers 3-2
LSL11497,dlight,h192,d33,scM,cs11,field of asters
LSL14524,gp,h175,d44,scL,cs5,crazy daisies,potd
LSL13460,ooc,orange-yellow flowers over rock 1-1
LSL 5700,h8,cs2,tulips