Larry Levinson Photography Up one level
LSL12540,h212,d33,scH.cs3,Moose on the job site
LSL24465,pe10,5highlights,Richard the dog,3-2v potd
LSL33535-Winston 3-2b potd
LSL 8379,sweet and handsome
LSL16144,h192,d44,scL,cs5,golden swimmer
LSL 6340,Moose 3-2
Frenchy the Dog
LSL 8382,gp,d44,scL,h192,pe10,Brutus
LSL 4981,daylight,h224,d18,Goldie
LSL 9072,daylight,h224,comp1,d26,cs1,Mamita,POTD
LSL12062,cldy,h202,d33,scH,cs1111,Ruffie-Llewellin Setter 4-3
1216 dog (old)-P1010879
IMGP2701 daylight-Mollie cr
IMGP2523 daylight-sens1.5-hist0,244-Christy the cocker-11x14 (sent to WGBH contest)
LSL10040,Ruby the dog,potd
LSL29031,pe10,Tessie 3-2
LSL24446--Richard 3-2