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LSL20848,bird with worm 3-2d
late day catch_20848d (3:2)

Perched behind some standing deadwood, focusing on the sunset sky, this small bird landed long enough to readjust and get off this profile shot. ~LSL
LSL20848,bird with worm 3-2d
LSL21424,cldy,h250,d18,scH,cs4,PEsc10,heron perched at sunset potd
LSL19543,d18,resting duck
LSL15469,gp,h18,250,d18,cs5,pelican negotiating for supper
LSL11134,Boat-tailed Grackles, male
12x16 IMGP3449 h0,192 geese at sunset cr
LSL17048,in camera r3.2,robin perched