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LSL15368,300mm bird with two-second delay 3

Using a long handheld lens, aimed toward a branch above my head... When the shutter closed, it became painfully obvious that the 2-second delay was still on from the previous photo shot. It felt like the shutter was taking a long stroll, in no hurry to make it back in time for this particualr shot... Freezing in place, I was surprised that the bird had held its stance as well. While not a crisp shot, the soft filtered light, interesting branch lines, and some on-the-fly innovations regarding staying still for 2-long seconds, make this photo worth enjoying. ~LSL
LSL15322,dlight,h250,d8,cs4,duck in reeds 3-2
LSL16826,dlight,h18,250,d18,cs4,punk gulls foreground,potd
LSL 9988,gp,American white pelican 3-2
LSL15368,300mm bird with two-second delay 3
IMGP6784---h218,se2,birds on a wire cr
15x6 IMGP7647,cldy,h50,foggy morning cr
4x6-IMGP9092,gp1998,1636,h184,Swan cr2