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LSL11531,gp,h235,d33,cs6,great blue heron
great blue heron_11531

Initially, my eye caught the quiet scene of the reeds (left) with a bit of the shoreline. As I setup the shot, this Great Blue Heron matter of factly landed in the frame, not more than 50' away. Because a tungsten street lamp was directly illuminating the heron and the rocks, the white balance of the water was thrown out of whack. A small price to be paid for such a majestic guest. ~LSL
LSL11357,daylight,h224,d12,cs1,duck bread line,potd
LSL12589,sandhill crane 3-2
LSL12591 sandhill crane 1-1
LSL11531,gp,h235,d33,cs6,great blue heron
LSL15322,dlight,h250,d8,cs4,duck in reeds 3-2
LSL16826,dlight,h18,250,d18,cs4,punk gulls foreground,potd
LSL 9988,gp,American white pelican 3-2