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sunlit vapor
LSL13442,flash,h212,d18,cs2--mushroom puff,potd
sunlit vapors, flash_13442

When the winter sun streams into the room, time stands still with the promise of Spring. Setting the book down, and picking up the camera, a great deal of experimenting was done to [hopefully] capture some of the magic.

Each still shot looks like 'some sort of thing'. I have my own take on what the image reveals, but did not put titles to the images so you would not be swayed in your own imagination. ~LSL
LSL13442,flash,h212,d18,cs2--mushroom puff,potd
LSL13442,gp.h192,d33,cs4---mushroom puff,potd
LSL13427,sunlight flor,h212,d18,cs2-creature profile looking left
LSL13445,gp,h192,d33,cs4-steam--profile looking right, armes folded