Larry Levinson Photography
LSL28784,crusher treads
LSL32354,r.7,blue woman with colored hair
LSL32354,r.7,blue woman with colored hair 1-1
LSL31005-006,girl-boy reading on log frcr
LSL30300,primary umbrellas
LSL23520,ooc,r1.9,cat,clown 1-1,potd frcr
LSL23520,ooc,r1.9,cat,clown 1-1,potd
Andres Institute of ArtFolder
Andres Institute of Art
LSL24093,r3.3,wailing wall artini,10-8b
LSL24096,r2.6 man with brooms artini 10-8c
LSL19774,pe10,rocking fireplace,potd
LSL19434,tung,h202,d18,cs5,teddy bear
Whimsical MuseumFolder
Whimsical Museum
LSL 6172,night light bulb magnified
LSL13143,Peace Witch 3 4-3
8x10-Rally for Peace  in Concord, NH 03-18-2006-P1120854c - May 28, 2006
LSL13487,gp,h202,d18,cs5,clown and elephant 3-2,potd
LSL15007,swiss chard,basi,parsley fc
LSL 8408,gp,h212,d18,cs1,heart bells,potd 3-2
15x10 old Buick IMGP0912c
LSL15142,cs5,d33,h245,snail-turtle 1-1
LSL 3472,spot exposure on wax,d26,candle flame cr
sunlit vaporFolder
sunlit vapor
LSL10822,in camera mono,contrast,pe10levels,hand with sawdust
Currier Art MuseumFolder
Currier Art Museum
IMGP3672 h0,164,ro(sent to Monitor-041308)
10x15 IMGP6936,tung,h240,iced milk bottle with bears,ro cr
LSL14021,still earning, still learning
chair shadows-P1010164
LSL 5368--gp,scM,two bears
20x30 cars IMGP0843
LSL 1911 cr
LSL 3684,h224,d8,cs1,RR tracks straight 8x15 vertical
IMGP3831,se6,h0,228 cr
IMGP5905,h224,view from an attic
Ringling Museum of ArtFolder
Ringling Museum of Art
5x7 143 North Main IMGP2287
8x12-buddha-P1070704 cr
IMGP5851,gp2260,2556,wool dying buckets
LSL10417 white weathered rabbit
IMGP5904,view from an attic
LSL10415 white weathered rabbit on stump 2
LSL 3733 South Tower
LSL 1516,old rusty jeep
LSL 3447,flag at White Street
LSL 1630,cell tower on Kearsage with jet
IMGP8244,couples cr
8x12 IMGP8466,gp1752,1696,se2,h170,MonaLiberty
IMGP0002,glass of beer cr3
LSL camera extract red,green
LSL 1494,woodshed
IMGP8174--h204,starfish cr
LSL 4916,FSconvert
LSL 7194,h245,d18,cs1,guardrail bolts
LSL 8470,h12,245,d18,scarf
IMGP6869,Santa Claus cr
12x16 Paperweight-IMGP3617 cwhfl,h0,228 cr cr cr
LSL 6554,cs1,d18,,oil lamp panoramic reflection 3-2
Naples Botanical Gardens Joyful DanceFolder
Naples Botanical Gardens Joyful Dance
LSL 2182,gp1158,3834,h160,d26,sh1,clown with ball cr
clown lamp baseFolder
clown lamp base
LSL 4916,FSconvert cr
LSL 9079,geometric lines
LSL11475,Goomba,new age meets old age
LSL24851,in camera base,house in stone
LSL31628, two tea lights birds-eye view 1-1