Larry Levinson Photography Up one level
Winter 2023Folder
Winter 2023
LSL13250,cldy,h202,d33,scL,cs4,pe,mono,snow drifts on Jerry Hill
Winter 2022Folder
Winter 2022
12x16 IMGP8996,gp1126,3088,h203,White Park via the windshield
Winter 2021Folder
Winter 2021
IMGP1458 cr
LSL 4814,cldy,h224,d35,cs1,cr-5.1,peAuto,late in autumn,9x15
Winter 2020Folder
Winter 2020
Winter 2018Folder
Winter 2018
IMGP7414,d18,cosh1,Down by the river
Winter 2019Folder
Winter 2019
IMGP3109 Winter Sunset
P1120438 HairPinTurnInWinter,pe3 11x14
Winter 2017Folder
Winter 2017
LSL 4923,shade,h202,d18,cs1,snow covered garage roof,cropped2
IMGP7014,gp2694,1718,h213,snow on the Merrimack River 8x15
P1170796-spring snowstorm
IMGP7003,LSLevinson,winter path
Winter 2016Folder
Winter 2016
IMGP1577,daylight,h18,co1,light on snow
Winter 2015Folder
Winter 2015
Winter 2014Folder
Winter 2014
IMGP8932,h192,SPNHF 12x30
LSL 8198,mono,pe10,winded snow