Larry Levinson Photography Up one level
Spring 2023Folder
Spring 2023
-IMGP9175,h4,192,cosh1,d26,thin ice
LSL 5612,h192,d18,cs1,leaves with reflection 3-2
Spring 2022Folder
Spring 2022
Spring 2021Folder
Spring 2021
LSL 5660,h8,d18,stand in woods
LSL 5645,h237,d18,scH,District 5 bog
Spring 2020Folder
Spring 2020
LSL 6240,h240,d18,cs1,scH,metallic,backlit birch stand
Spring 2019Folder
Spring 2019
Spring 2018Folder
Spring 2018
IMGP9852,cldy,h216,Rossview Marsh
Spring 2017Folder
Spring 2017
LSL 6245,daylight,d18,scL,sun drenched fern
-IMGP9176,h4,192,cosh1,d26,thin ice
Spring 2016Folder
Spring 2016
LSL 2139,gp732,308,cosh1,d18,backlit night tree
Spring 2015Folder
Spring 2015
P1170899-submitted to Monitor 04-23-07
Spring 2014Folder
Spring 2014
LSL 9475--cldy,h8,240,d18,cs1,birch stand on rocky path,potd
LSL 1203,late summer in White Park