Larry Levinson Photography Up one level
LSL32230,in camera mono,soft forest lines and shadows
LSL28846,in camera posterized,soft,bike at Turkey River
LSL22131,in camera soft,Shaker pond 3-2
LSL32249,in camera soft, new growth forest
LSL11828,in camera,soft ocean sunrise
LSL21997,in camera soft,autumn woods path
LSL19602,in camera soft,woods path
LSL11893,in camera soft,maple tree
LSL16012-13-14,in camera soft,fall foliage silhouette 10-8
LSL15117,in camera soft,,marsh view
LSL14037,in camera soft,amaryllis via candle light
LSL14107,in camera soft,meadow grasses
LSL19573,in camera soft,sunflower and thistle
LSL18810,in camera soft,Swope chipmunk
LSL20748,in camera soft,grounds of 105 Pleasant
LSL19217,in camera soft,pe10,3 Lincoln in autumn
LSL15183,in camera soft,pe, kayacker 3-2V
LSL13693,in camera,pe, soft
LSL 4435,in camera soft,big leaf magnolia2
LSL19628,in camera soft,r1.5,statue 3-2b
LSL10127-28,in camera soft,fishing wharf 15-6
LSL 6924,in-camera soft, sunlight relection 3-2
LSL 7470,Hallmark autumn,8x15,pe10
LSL10291,gp,post,in camera soft,red tint,snow capped brook
LSL 3724,in camera soft,reflection of yellow flowers
LSL11920, in camera soft
LSL 4353,in camera soft
LSL 6235,in camera soft, path through stone wall
LSL13968,in camera mono,soft,flowering tree
LSL 3885,in camera soft woods
LSL 3645,in camera filter soft,Swope Trail SOTD
LSL13943,in camera soft,Spring transition
LSL13247,in camera soft,IR mono,pe,daffodils 3-2
LSL22621,in camera soft,autumn canopy