Larry Levinson Photography Up one level
mono and sketch
LSL26914,in camera posterized,old mill site
LSL26911,in camera posterized,Mill Brook
LSL32421,Turkey River spillway (mono) 3-1
LSL33008,in camera mono, white flower potd 3-2
LSL35204,mono,,Miss Putney's brook
LSL19578,in camera mono,cleome at dusk
LSL22243,in camera mono,pe,backwaters
LSL14661,in camera mono,pe,taffy
LSL14974,dlight,h18,cs5,pe10mono,SPNHF forest
LSL13579,in camera mono,contrast,pe,brook's bend
LSL14511-12,in camera warm mono,pe10,foot bridges 15-6
LSL19467,milweed,mono 3-2
LSL14715,in camera inverse,stars on water
LSL17539,in camera mono IR,bridge shadow over Turkey River 3-2
LSL10622,in camera mono,gulls
LSL15048,in camera mono,pumpkin
LSL14263,in camera mono,posterized,Sewall Falls bridge
LSL13081,in camera high contrast,mono,pe,cold sunset on State House
LSL 6645-7 in camera sketch,ro8, dragonfly in garden 3-2 cr
LSL10822,in camera mono,contrast,pe10levels,hand with sawdust 3-2
IMGP0229,purple butterfly cr2,psp
P1150145,geese resting
LSL15390,in camera mono,posterized,RRtotem
LSL 6096,,in camera mono brown, sculpture
LSL 4724,in camera monchrome,IR,post-mono,d35,life long friends,POTD
IMGP1772,The Ent-man,black and white pencil
LSL 7992,mono,backlit hillside,verticle
IMGP1777,tree,black and white pencil
LSL 9320,daylight,h8,232,d44,cs1,mono,spring mist rising at Mill Brook,potd
LSL 7995,mono,pe10,snow on fallen logs
LSL 4706,in camera mono IR,post-mono,d26,woods road in
LSL 8813,in camera posterized3,gs,Ledge background
LSL 6363-2,in camera mono,Mamita
LSL10293,in camera mono,posterized,snow on river rock
LSL13944,pe2,light behind reflection 1-1