Larry Levinson Photography Up one level
LSL15893,in camera extracted yellow-green,posterized,fishing in Sarasota
LSL23606,in camera base,extract red-green,pe10,runoff
LSL15511,dlight,h245,d8,cs4,in camera extract blue,pond
LSL19561,in camera extract blue,sunflower and thistle
LSL13718,in camera extracted green,pond plants
LSL19017,in camera extracted red,r2.5,library reflection
LSL11511,in camera extract green,farm silo
LSL12493 in camera extract red,contrast,brick and glass reflections
LSL14019,in camera extracted red,pe posterize,along RR tracks
-LSL 7460,,in camera extract color,autumn woods
LSL 4140,ro.8,in camera extract color
-LSL 2434,in camera extract color,pe10,stand of iris,ro1.8 8.5x15
LSL 3022,in camera extracted only green color,pe10, double day lily
LSL 5372,in camera extract red, h232,scM,hearts on bear candles
LSL 7000,in camera extract red,ro-7,mushroom cluster
LSL 3788,in camera extract color, cs1,d18,decaying log fossil
LSL18001 in camera extract red,lily after rain 3-2v
LSL13974,in camrea extract red,two geese in pasture 3-2
LSL12388,in camera extract red,poppy opening
LSL 7259,in camera extract blue,high contrast,after the rain 16-9
-LSL 7458,in camera extract color,h235,d35,autumn path in park,pe10
LSL15195,in camera extract red,high contrast,sunshower 4-3
LSL14263,in camera extract red,posterized,Sewall Falls bridge